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Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance support and packages are reliable and affordable

At Openteq, we provide the affordable and reliable website maintenance packages. Are you looking for a genuine website maintenance services company to take care of your website? We will provide you matchless support services as we believe that as your business grows, your website and web-based applications will constantly need to evolve. The web is constantly evolving and expanding, hence our website maintenance packages will take care of all your web maintenance needs.

Pricing Models

We understand that your requirements may vary from project to project. That’s why our agile pricing models are tailored to reflect the complexity and maturity of the specifications, technology, process and other factors that drive successful delivery. Choose a model based on your time and cost considerations with our non-linear and agile pricing models:

Website maintenance services

  • Simple updates to the existing website
  • Updating company and team profile on the existing website
  • Adding new promotions and products to your existing website
  • Creation of new webpages with new services and information
  • Adding latest company news, press releases to your website
  • Updating hours of operation, schedules, and contact information
  • Updating change in postal address or addition of new address.
  • Update the content and optimize the existing content for
  • Regular website updates and backups
  • Based on user feedbacks, fixation of bugs and errors
  • Web server migration
  • Finding broken links
  • Hosting of the website